PowerAda Ada95 Packages

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Specifications of Ada95 standard packages are also included in Annex A: Predefined Language Environment of RM95.

The specifications of packages System and Interfaces and their language-defined children are given in the PowerAda-specific instance of Appendix C, "Annex M" of this User Guide.

The implementation of package Ada.Interrupts.Names is given in Annex M.

The following implementation-defined children of package Ada are provided:


PACKAGE Ada.Exceptions.PowerAda_Extensions IS
  -- This is a PowerAda-specific extension to the
  -- Ada95 runtime.
  -- The following subprogram returns the current exception
  -- occurrence if called from within control of an exception
  -- handler.
  PROCEDURE Save_Occurrence(
    Target : OUT Exception_Occurrence);
  -- implementation_defined;
END Ada.Exceptions.PowerAda_Extensions;