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A graph view displays compiled Ada units and the relationships between them. Related units can be added and removed from the displayed graph, and the entire graph may be reformatted. Displayed units can be browsed ( See Source Browser View) by double-clicking on their icons or selecting Browse Unit from the Graph menu.

All of the graphing actions take as input one or more selected units. To select a unit to be operated on, click on the unit's icon or label using mouse button one (usually the left mouse button). To select multiple units, hold down the shift key while left-clicking on units.

To move a selected unit (or units) around in the display, hold down the left mouse button after the last selection. The mouse cursor will change from the normal pointer to a cross-hair. Move the mouse pointer to the desired location and release the left button. The unit (or units) will be moved relative to the mouse drag.

The Graph menu presents layout options and graphing actions, which are described below.

unit graph.gif

Browse Selected

Opens a Unit Browser for each selected unit.

Focus On Selected

Creates a graph with the selected unit (only one) as the root and all bodies, subunits, and withed units as subordinates.

Add Imports

Adds units withed directly by the selected unit (or units) to the graph display ( See imports).

Add Exports

Adds units that directly with the selected unit (or units) to the graph display ( See exports).

Add Family

Adds specs, bodies, and immediate subunits of the selected unit (or units) to the graph display ( See family).

Add Children

Adds immediate child packages of the selected unit to the graph display.

Add All

Adds all import, exports, family, children of the selected unit to the graph display. Use this operation with caution, as it can take a long time to compute.

Remove Selected

Removes the selected units from the graph display.

Layout Tree

Places root units on the left and adds subsequent layers of units on the right. Root units are not withed by other units. Subordinate units (bodies, subunits, child packages, and withed units) are placed to the right of the superior unit (unless they are already placed in the graph display).

Layout Grid

Arranges units in rows and columns (in no particular order). This layout is useful for determining "hot spots" (high fan-in/out units) they you may want to remove from larger graphs to simplify the display.

Layout Ellipse

Arranges units around an ellipse (in no particular order). This is useful for determining "hot spots" in smaller graphs.