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The most fundamental action in powerada is navigation. Navigation in powerada is very similar to using a web browser like Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

As you navigate around from view to view, a history is kept, enabling you to easily return to a view. This can be done with the Back and Forward buttons, or by using the History menu in the Go Menu.

Viewing a location is done by visiting it. For instance, when viewing a directory, an individual file may be viewed by highlighting it and pressing the Visit button. This will display the given file in the current window. The file may also be shown in a new window by using the Visit In New button. Any number of navigator windows may be used in a single powerada session.

There are a number of specific Visit operations in the Go Menu. Their usage is covered in the documentation of the Go Menu. However, the Visit button on the buttonbar is generally all that is needed.

The Enclosing button is useful from a number of views. It visits the view that logically "encloses" the current view. For instance, the enclosing view of a file is the directory containing that file; the enclosing view of a directory is the directory containing that directory; the enclosing view of a compiled unit is its sublibrary; and so on.