12.5.2 Formal Scalar Types

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A formal scalar type is one defined by any of the formal_type_definitions in this subclause. The class determined for a formal scalar type is discrete, signed integer, modular, floating point, ordinary fixed point, or decimal.


formal_discrete_type_definition ::= (<>)

formal_signed_integer_type_definition ::= range <>

formal_modular_type_definition ::= mod <>

formal_floating_point_definition ::= digits <>

formal_ordinary_fixed_point_definition ::= delta <>

formal_decimal_fixed_point_definition ::= delta <> digits <>

Legality Rules

The actual type for a formal scalar type shall not be a nonstandard numeric type.


12  The actual type shall be in the class of types implied by the syntactic category of the formal type definition (see 12.5, Formal Types). For example, the actual for a formal_modular_type_definition shall be a modular type.

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