LogMemory Predefined Probe

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LogMemory Probe: logmemory.ual

(Since 4.5.4).

The logmemory.ual predefined probe is useful for logging chunks of memory for display at format time. Typically, the chunks are application buffers or other unstructured memory. The memory will be displayed in hex-dump format.


This probe is referenced in a user probe by including the logmemory.h header file, calling the API from the user probe, including the probe on the Aprobe command line or in an .apo file.

apc -x my_program.exe useprobe.apc logmemory.ual
aprobe -u userprobe. -u logmemory.ual   my_program.exe

LogMemory API

The API for the log memory probe is defined by $APROBE/include/logmemory.h.