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Aprobe is a patented software instrumentation technology that lets you monitor the execution of a software application, log data, or alter its behavior.

Aprobe is designed to be highly non-intrusive. It modifies the executable at runtime, while it is in memory. Commands are inserted at the machine-code level and executed while the application is in process.

  • No changes are made to any application files stored on disk.
  • You can access all parts of the application, including third-party code, shared libraries, dynamic components, JVMs, compilers, app servers, browsers, and more.
  • No access to source or compiled code is required.
  • There's no rebuilding or recompiling the application.
  • You can modify, enable or disable probes dynamically, in real time, as the application runs.

To use Aprobe, you specify the data to be collected or define the changes to the program's execution. Aprobe generates the machine code patches. These patches, or probes, are expressed in simple C or Java.

You can obtain key information about your application as it executes:

  • Data related to method or function entry or exit
  • Business objects, parameter values, variables, queues, and other program objects
  • Memory allocation and deallocation
  • Timing of selected functions, methods, or transactions

We create our products on top of the Aprobe technology, providing a user interface that makes Aprobe simpler and easier to use. However, the full power of Aprobe is available under the hood. You can write application-specific probes to monitor anything, collect any data, and perform virtually any task you need.

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