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RootCause gives you the power to speed resolution of problems with your deployed application.

RootCause is a powerful patching and logging tool designed to simplify tracing and data collection in a post-development environment. Its power lies in its ability to instrument an application at run time, without changing any application files.

Debug remotely

RootCause allows you to debug your application in the environment in which it occurs. Developers do not have to travel to client sites. They do not have to waste time trying to duplicate the customer environment in the lab and then recreate the problem.

Respond quickly

RootCause is easy to deploy. It's as simple as moving a file and entering a single command. The application is traced as it runs. The collected data can then be e-mailed to your developers, who can step backwards and forwards through the execution to find the problem. If the first trace doesn't have all the information they need, traces can be added, modified, or deleted on the fly.

Debug without changing the system

RootCause lets you work on the deployed system as it is. No changes are made to any application files. Commands are inserted at the machine-code level and executed while the application is in process.

Identify problems in third-party applications

RootCause traces many more application components than most debugging or performance tools. You can see into shared libraries, application servers, JVMs, and cross JNI boundaries to trace legacy code. When you're caught in a finger-pointing war, RootCause helps identify the true source of the problem.

System-level & code-level data

At the system level, RootCause shows all interactions with other systems: file requests, database calls, communications, and more. At the code level, RootCause shows function calls, data and variable values, and line-by-line execution of the application. By offering both types of information in one integrated view, RootCause makes it possible to diagnose problems that resulted from the interaction between the application and other systems, as well as those internal to the application.

Test fixes quickly

Once the bugs are identified, your developers can use RootCause to test a fix to make sure it works. The fix can be left in the deployed system, fixing the problem immediately, until a new build can be installed.

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