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RootCause speeds the integration process by providing greater insight into the internal functioning of your software applications.

When development tools become unwieldy...

Once an application reaches the integration stage, development tools are no longer appropriate. They place too much load on the system, require that files be changed, and can affect the system themselves, making it more difficult to find and resolve the problem.

RootCause offers the solution

RootCause is a powerful patching and logging tool designed to simplify tracing and data collection in a post-development environment.

Get data other tools can't

RootCause uses a patented software instrumentation technology to profile your application and obtain timing data that other tools can't. You can define custom probes—unique to your problem and your system—to get the information you need.

Work with the system as it is

RootCause requires no changes to any application files. Commands are inserted at the machine-code level and executed while the application is in process. No access to source is required.

Trace third-party code

You can trace all the components of your application, including third-party code, shared libraries, dynamic components, JVMs, compilers, application servers, and browsers. RootCause also crosses JNI boundaries to work on legacy code.

Modify data collection easily

You can modify, enable or disable data collection dynamically, in real time, as your application runs. A load-shedding algorithm eliminates excessive data collection, allowing you to hone in on problem code faster.

Drill down to source-code level

The longer the application runs, the closer RootCause gets to pinpointing the exact lines of problem code. The data you collect with RootCause allows you to provide developers or a vendor's technical support staff with specific, source-level information about where a problem occurred. It becomes easier for them to find and fix the problem, so your integration can proceed on schedule.

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