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OC Systems' LegacyAda/390 is recommended by IBM as the Ada compiler of choice for System 370 and 390 mainframe computers.

Key Features

  • Validated Ada 83 compiler.
  • Source level debugger, source code formatter, source frequency analyzer, and cross-reference utility.
  • Library manager and recompilation list generator.
  • NUMWG Draft 1.1 math functions support.
  • Object code transporter utility.
  • Heap-statistics report generator and execution profiler.
  • Support for VM/ESA, MVS/ESA, OS/390.
  • ISPF/PDF panel interface.
  • Pragma INTERFACE support to VS FORTRAN, VS COBOL II, C/370 and S/370 Assembly.
  • Pragma EXPORT to allow LegacyAda/390 subprogram calls from VS COBOL II, VS FORTRAN, C/370 and S/370 Assembly.
  • CIFO interfaces.
  • Enhanced MVS real-time and input/output support.
  • Used to develop Air Traffic Control and Defense Systems around the world.

Complete Environment

In cooperation with IBM, OC Systems provides LegacyAda/390, a complete Ada development environment for OS/390, MVS and VM systems, including the R/390 and P/390 platforms. With OS/390 and these new platforms, IBM offers open systems programming in a mainframe environment as a cost-effective alternative to the workstation environment. The result is that many customers are migrating Ada applications from workstations back to the S/390 series computers.