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While RootCause is designed to be simple to use, the fastest and most efficient way to implement the product is to take advantage of the consulting services OC Systems offers. RootCause experts come to your site and do all the work necessary to set up the software and make it work successfully for you.

With RootCause consulting services, you can get up and running right away, without waiting for IT staff availability and training. Our consultants can handle the entire implementation and provide complete ongoing support, or they can work as part of your team, providing training and gradually educating your staff to take entire responsibility for the system.

Install and configure RootCause

RootCause consultants install RootCause and configure it properly for your environment as well as those of any remote locations you may be supporting. Any necessary scripts will be written. Procedures are documented for the use of your technical staff.

Develop meaningful traces

RootCause makes it easy to generate traces; however, you may want assistance in maximizing the value of the traces as well as making them as non-intrusive as possible. RootCause consultants can speed the process of developing meaningful traces and helping you get the most out of the product.

Customize RootCause

RootCause is built upon the powerful Aprobe development tool, and can be highly customized for your situation. For example, you can minimize the number of traces you use with conditional or data-dependent tracing; that is, tracing only if some condition has occurred. Additional intelligent post-processing of the logged data may also be desirable to make it possible for support staff to reach the specific information they need as efficiently as possible. RootCause consultants can easily do the custom programming that is required to get the best results.

Provide ongoing support

Projects that need ongoing support can arrange to have a RootCause consultant onsite as much as necessary—two days every other week, one week each month—whatever is needed. Support and certain custom programming can also be provided remotely, if desired.