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During a crisis situation, you need qualified help quickly. When you take advantage of our Sensorpoint RapidResponse service, our engineers will join your team to deliver fast results. Well help you write the sensorpoints you need for your device application, so you can resolve the problem and get back on schedule.

Our consultants work with a proven set of sensorpoints that have been useful in diagnosing a wide variety of problems, including memory leaks and corruptions, dead locks, priority inversions, and lock contentions. They customize these sensorpoints for your embedded application.

We also develop any additional sensorpoints you need to debug your device software, install them and work with you to isolate the faults in your device software. Once the problem is resolved, you can decide which sensorpoints to leave in for future debugging.

Sensorpoint RapidResponse programs are billed on a time-and-materials basis; a typical engagement would run around $50,000.

Our response during your emergency will be faster if you contact us at the beginning of your project. Well install your hardware configuration at our office. Then if there's a problem later on, we'll be ready to respond immediately. This kind of insurance costs an additional $10,000; a minimal cost when you are working on a tight deadline.

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