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Training your staff to use your software is one of the most important parts of your implementation. Our training is designed to teach you how to use the software for your specific applications. If you choose a standardized training program, your team will learn:

  • How to install and configure the software in your environment.
  • How to define meaningful and non-intrusive traces.
  • How to write simple probes.

The training is primarily example-based, moving from simple to progressively more complex examples. Participants are encouraged to first reproduce each example, then to extend the example interactively. Whenever possible, we make the final two sessions (8 hours) of the course application-specific, by applying standard probes to an application that your team is developing or testing.


The course is conducted at your site. Up to 30 support staff and developers may attend.


20 hours, usually in five 4-hour sessions


The materials provided include a bound packet of printed slides and examples.


Upon completion of the course, attendees receive a certificate that verifies their understanding of basic concepts and applicability.