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                          *READ THIS FIRST*

                          Release Notes for
                         Patch PowerAda 5.8d2
                             Feb 12, 2021


This file describes AIX PowerAda 5.8d2, a patch to PowerAda version 5.8d1 to  
update the OCS Fast Heap component.                          

This patch fixes OCS issue 2687, which affects only the OCS Fast Heap acrhive
named ($POWERADA/adarte/lib/ocs_fast_heap.a) within the PowerAda delivery.

Getting Help

If you have any questions or problems, please contact OC Systems by e-mail at
support@ocsystems.com, or by phone at 703-359-8160.


This patch is compatible only with AIX PowerAda 5.8d1, which was released in
September 2020.  This patch can be applied to any existing installation of
AIX PowerAda 5.8d1, such as /usr/lpp/powerada5841/powerada.

This patch is NOT compatible with AIX PowerAda 5.8c (or older).


The changes in behavior delivered herein are not documented, since the only
changes were fixes to initialization and behavior across forked processes, 
all of which is below the API described in ocs_fast_heap.h.


This patch consists of an AIX compressed tar file "aixpa58d2-patch.tar.Z"
which contains the following PowerAda files:


To install, simply unpack it on top of an existing installation of AIX
PowerAda 5.8d1.

As always, we recommend that you have a backup, such as the PowerAda 5.8d1
CD-ROM or its ISO image.  Then do the following, assuming the patch is present
in /tmp:

   su -                      # get write access to your powerada installation
   cd $POWERADA/..           # e.g., /usr/lpp/powerada5841/powerada/
   mv adarte/lib/ocs_fast_heap.a  adarte/lib/ocs_fast_heap.a.bak
   zcat /tmp/aixpa58d2-patch.tar.Z | tar -xvf -

That's it.

New Features and Fixes

2687 locking problem with fast heap and probes across fork() calls.