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PowerAdaÆ 5.6b Release Notes

These Release Notes contain information relevant to Version 5.6b of the
OCS PowerAda Compilation System, supplementing the PowerAda User's Guide.

 1. Introduction

    Version 5.6b of the PowerAda Compilation System is a bug-fix and
    feature update to version 5.6 of the PowerAda development tools
    from OC Systems. 

 2. Getting Help

    If you have any comments, would like additional information, need a
    different media format, or you have any other installation or
    configuration problems, please contact OC Systems by internet at
    support@ocsystems.com or by telephone at (703)-359-8160.

 3. Requirements

    System Requirements for each of the PowerAda hosts are:

    For PowerAda/AIX: any computer running AIX version 5.2 or later

    For PowerAda/Linux: any modern Intel Pentium-based computer running
    Red Hat Linux 8 or later (with a version 2.4.18 kernel or later)

    Contact OC Systems for help installing PowerAda on versions or platforms
    other than these.

    Typically, 700 Megabytes of disk space are required for installation of
    PowerAda on any of the host platforms.

    The file "README" contains more detailed notes on requirements.  
    Please refer to this before installing the PowerAda product on any
    supported host.

 4. Licensing

    PowerAda 5.6b works with the software product FLEXlm.

    PowerAda 5.6b for AIX does not require a new license if you already have 
    a valid license for PowerAda 4.1 (or newer) for AIX.
    PowerAda 5.6b for Linux does not require a new license if you already have 
    a valid license for PowerAda 5.3 (or newer) for Linux.  
    Replacements for older licenses can be reissued by support@ocsystems.com.

    The license keys for AIX are different from those for Linux, as the
    products are sold separately.

    See the PowerAda 5.6b Installation Guide for more information about
    setting up the license manager.

 5. Compatibility

    All PowerAda 5.6* versions are source-code compatible with prior PowerAda
    versions up to 5.2, although a complete recompilation of your source code
    is required.

    PowerAda Linux 5.6b object code is object-code compatible with 5.6*.

    PowerAda AIX 5.6* object-code IS NOT compatible with that produced by
    versions prior to 5.6.  OCS recommends AGAINST linking 5.6* object-code
    together with object code created by an older version because the
    PowerAda runtime support packages differ slightly.   On AIX, this is due 
    to new floating point exception checks behavior, which was done so that
    PowerAda would better coexist with foreign (C/C++) code, by avoiding 
    exception bits in the FPSCR register after floating point operations,
    when enabled by "-q float_overflows" only on AIX.   On Linux, the runtime
    layout of pragma Exported subprograms differs, as Pop_Stack_And_Call_Cplus

    Projects created using earlier versions of PowerAda cannot be opened 
    using PowerAda 5.6b.  If you're sure you know what you are doing, you can
    get around this by doing the following
        cd adaproj    # or whatever your project root is
        rm .adaproj   # delete the current project state file
        aprojinit -k  # create a new project state file, keeping the directory

    Note that future versions of PowerAda 5 AIX will not support AIX 4.
    PowerAda 5.2 will continue to be supported as the LegacyAda version
    of PowerAda for use on AIX 4 operating systems.

 6. Customer-Reported Defects Fixed
    Below are problems which were found at customer sites and have been 
    fixed in 5.6b. If you have reported a problem and do not see it on this 
    list, please contact OC Systems as described above to check on the 
    status of your problem.

    1809 adbg debugger "tasks" command displays "no tasks"
    1820 segfault on assignment to deferred constant with controlled components
    1823 pthread_create fails on AIX 5.4+ for non-root users
    1827 adbg debugger supports reading Linux ELF core files
    1829 adbg debugger supports probed applications on Linux
    1831 powerada GUI CM Diff_Files for multiple selections at once
    1838 memory leak in Linux version of libutb.so


 7. Limitations and Unimplemented Features

    If you encounter any problem, or have any suggestions for improvement
    or enhancement, please contact OC Systems at support@ocsystems.com.  
    We can't fix what we don't know about.

    See APPENDIX C, "Implementation Characteristics" (corresponding to
    Annex M of the Ada95 Reference Manual) for a detailed description
    of which optional portions of the language have been implemented.

    PowerAda/Linux does not do any stack overflow checking, and so it will 
    dump core on insufficient stack space rather than raise STORAGE_ERROR. 
    The user should make sure that all task stacks are given sufficient 
    storage to execute.