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A text view contains an ASCII text file. Text views are read-only; to edit text files, use the Edit command. Also, though text views look similar to a Source Browser View, browsing operations may not be performed in text views. To enter a source browser from a text view, use the Visit or Visit Compiled Unit command from the Go Menu, or the Visit Compiled Unit from the Popup Menu.

The Text menu appears in text views and contains the following items.

Find Text

Raises a Find dialog, which is used to search for text within the current text view. Toggle buttons control whether or not the search wraps at the end of the file, and whether or not the search is case-sensitive.

text find.gif

Find Next

Repeats the last Find Text operation.

Goto Line

Prompts for a line number, then makes the specified line visible.

Show Line Numbers

When this toggle is set, line numbers are displayed.