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OC Systems offers application performance tuning services that help organizations improve performance in complex software applications.

Application Performance Tuning

When you need to resolve performance problems to ensure that you meet critical deadlines and your project stays on schedule, our consultants can help.

We become part of your team and take responsibility for the entire performance issue with your application.

We bring a toolkit that includes RootCause as well as other diagnostic tools we have developed in-house. We also take advantage of any application performance products you already have onsite.

RootCause lets you non-invasively gather application-specific information about the execution of your deployed system that is not available from other tools, and to acquire that information without perturbing your existing systems and processes. RootCause is designed to work on your existing systems; you do not need a dedicated performance testbed.

Our consultants configure RootCause and the other tools for your specific application. They work with your developers, systems engineers, and system architects – following your standard procedures – to get the problems fixed.

They obtain baselines, begin diagnosing performance problems with your application and implementing solutions to those problems.

Your management receives regular progress reports, along with detailed performance measurements.

Once your application is back on schedule, we can remove our performance tools completely, or you can purchase the software to continue using it for performance monitoring and problem resolution.

If you choose to purchase the software, we provide any training that is needed plus full technical support. A point of contact at OC Systems acts as a resource for your people, ensuring that they have whatever resources they need from us to execute your performance tuning work on an ongoing basis.