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OC Systems is looking to hire Software Development Engineers.


  • Must be a US Citizen and currently hold or able to obtain, public trust clearance.
  • Working knowledge and experience with C++; would welcome candidate with broad range of language experience. Candidate should be a quick learner and will need to learn Ada 95.
  • 5 or more years experience developing and debugging software in the UNIX environment, preferably IBM’s AIX and Red Hat Linux.
  • Candidate should have recent experience in most or all of the following:

Object-oriented design and implementation.

  • Complex data structures in a multi-threaded execution environment.
  • Large-scale software engineering practices including configuration management, defect tracking, unit, string, and integration testing.
  • Unix Shell scripting (Korn Shell, Bash, Perl, etc.).
  • OSF/Motif GUI design and programming.

To APPLY - please send your resume to jsk@ocsystems.com