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Files available for download by current and and potential customers who already have a license to use RootCause/Aprobe. Current contents are briefly described below.

Linux RootCause/Aprobe Downloads

RootCause 2.3.0 (Aprobe 4.5.0) for Linux RH9 - RHEL7 users. (32-bit applications only)

November 1, 2018

RootCause 2.3.0-64 (Aprobe 4.5.0-64) for 64-bit Linux RHEL3-RHEL7 users. (64-bit applications only)

MISSING libelf.so.1: If you get errors about missing libelf.so, then you may have to download and install elfutils-libelf-devel-*.rpm. Contact OCS Support for more info. Note that libelf.so.0 is not compatible.

AIX RootCause/Aprobe Downloads

Updated November 1, 2018

RootCause 2.3.0 (Aprobe 4.5.0) for AIX 5.3 and above, 32-bit only

RootCause 2.3.0-64 (Aprobe 4.5.0-64) for AIX 5.3+, 64-bit only

Contact OC Systems for support on older versions of AIX.