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The Views dialog provides a display of the currently active debugger views. There is one active view for each frame on the call stack of each active task. The views dialog is updated to show all the active tasks and the call stack of the currently running task each time the target program stops.

The Tasks list displays each active task and its state. Clicking on a task entry in the list will make that task the current debugger task and will cause the call stack of that task to be displayed in Call Chain list.

The Call Chain list displays each active stack frame on the current task's call stack. Clicking on a stack frame entry in the list will cause that debugger view to be displayed in the main debugger window in order for further investigation to continue.

The Restore button will reset the current debugger view to the current program position (which is where the target program last stopped and where it will next resume). This is equivalent to the Restore convenience button in the main window.

The Bottom button will cause the current debugger view to be set to the bottom of the currently selected task, causing all of that task's stack frames to be displayed in the Call Chain list, and the bottom stack frame to be the current debugger view in the main window.

See also:

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