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alibchk - check a sublibrary


alibchk [-hlw] {-L Library | Sublibrary  ... | -I}


Use the alibchk command to verify that the various parts of a sublibrary are consistent with each other. This command checks for a number of problems, including:

  • Components missing from the sublibrary
  • Extraneous object code in the sublibrary

The alibchk command is intended to check user sublibraries only. It does not work on other sublibraries, such as the supplied system sublibrary or bindings sublibraries.

Consistency problems can be caused if a disk fills up during compilation or while copying a sublibrary, or if a sublibrary copy operation is interrupted or fails for some reason. Such problems will result in errors when the main program is linked.

To correct the problem, it is usually sufficient to recompile any Ada compilation units associated with items identified by the alibchk command. If the sublibrary is locked because of an interrupted compilation, use the -u compiler option to unlock the sublibrary. Initializing the sublibrary will also correct any errors, but will erase the sublibrary contents.


Requests help for the command. If specified, all other options and parameters (except possibly erroneous ones) are ignored.
Specifies that all the sublibraries in the library list are to be checked (default)
Specifies that only the working sublibrary is to be checked.
-L Library
Specifies a library to use. If the current directory is within a project, the default is a sublibrary called adalib, otherwise the default is alib.list. You can use the -w option to check just the working sublibrary.
Reads a list of sublibrary names from standard input. If "--" is found on a line read from standard input, the remainder of the line is ignored.


Specifies the name of one or more Ada sublibraries.
Note: When you specify one or more sublibraries explicitly, you cannot use the -l or -woptions.



the alibchk program


Below is a list of the possible values returned by alibchk. Refer to Return Codes for Commands for details about the meaning of these return s.

0, 1, 2, 3, 17, 18, 21, 22, 99


This must be defined and indicate the powerada/ada95 directory in the PowerAda installation.
Names a baselines file identifying aliases for baseline projects.


The function performed depends on which of the above invocations is used, as described below.

alibchk -h

This requests help.

alibchk adalib

This checks the sublibrary named adalib.

alibchk -L adalib

This checks the library defined by sublibrary adalib and its corresponding subprogram.

alibchk -w

This checks the working sublibrary of the default library, designated either by adalib and adalib.imports (within a project), or by alib.list

alibchk -l

This checks all the sublibraries of the default library. For each sublibrary checked a line is sent to standard output. The line is either

Sublibrary_Name: Okay if the sublibrary structure is consistent, or

Sublibrary_Name: Error_Description if alibchk detects a problem with the sublibrary.


See Problems and Questions at the beginning of this Appendix.