PowerAda Break Dialog

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This dialog is used to specify the components of compound breakpoints. Compound breakpoints can contain additional stopping criteria as well as actions that are performed when the breakpoint occurs.

The breakpoint components are selected in the control area. A location must be specified for all breakpoints. The Location text area is automatically updated with the currently selected source area. This value may be changed.

The When text area is used to specify a boolean expression that must evaluate to true for the breakpoint to take effect.

The Count field specifies how many times the location must be reached before the breakpoint causes a stop. The Every field specifies that the stop take place every time the breakpoint is reached the specified number of times. The Count and Every text areas are controlled by the count/every radio buttons; only one or the other may be used in a breakpoint. Press the appropriate radio button and the text area label will change.

The Then text area specifies an action to be performed when the breakpoint criteria are met and a stop occurs.

Press the Set Break button to set a breakpoint with the specified components. Press the Dismiss button to remove the dialog.

See also: "Setting and Displaying Breakpoints: BREAK" in Appendix F in the PowerAda User's Guide.