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The breakpoint status dialog provides a display of the current breakpoints. Each breakpoint is identified in a list by its location, any conditional clauses, and an indication of the action to be taken. The breakpoint list can be filtered and any selected breakpoint can be unset.

The list of breakpoints is updated automatically as they change.

A single-click on a breakpoint in list will place the breakpoint in the selected breakpoint text area where it can be modified. The selected breakpoint can be unset by pressing the Unbreak button. Double-clicking on a breakpoint in the list will unset it immediately.

The list of breakpoints can be reduced to a more manageable size by supplying a filter string in the filter text area. The filter string may contain the '*' character to match zero or more characters and the '?' character to match a single character. The filtering is performed if Enter is pressed in the filter text area or the Filter button is pressed.

See also: "Removing Breakpoints: UNBREAK" in Appendix F in the PowerAda User's Guide.