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The Find dialog has a type-in area where the user specifies text to search for. The search is forward through the source file. Toggle buttons are provided to indicate whether the search is to be case-insensitive, and whether it should wrap around to the top of the source file if the string is not found between the current location and the bottom.

To start the search, hit return or click Find. If you click Find All instead, the contents Outline Pane will show all lines in which an occurrence of the searched-for string or construct is found.

Command Recall Dialog

The command recall dialog can be used to repeat or modify complex commands without retyping them. As commands are entered, they appear at the top of the command list in this dialog; duplicate commands do not appear.

The previously entered command can be selected from the list of previous commands. A single-click will place the text in the selected command text area where it can be modified. The selected command can be pasted to the main window input text area using the Paste button. The selected command can be immediately executed using the Execute button. Double-clicking the command in the list will recall the command and execute it immediately.