11.3 Raise Statements

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A raise_statement raises an exception.


raise_statement ::= raise [exception_name];

Legality Rules

The name, if any, in a raise_statement shall denote an exception. A raise_statement with no exception_name (that is, a re-raise statement) shall be within a handler, but not within a body enclosed by that handler.

Dynamic Semantics

To raise an exception is to raise a new occurrence of that exception, as explained in 11.4. For the execution of a raise_statement with an exception_name, the named exception is raised. For the execution of a re-raise statement, the exception occurrence that caused transfer of control to the innermost enclosing handler is raised again.


Examples of raise statements:

raise Ada.IO_Exceptions.Name_Error;   -- see A.13

raise;                                -- re-raise the current exception

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