13.11.3 Pragma Controlled

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Pragma Controlled is used to prevent any automatic reclamation of storage (garbage collection) for the objects created by allocators of a given access type.


The form of a pragma Controlled is as follows:

pragma Controlled(first_subtype_local_name);

Legality Rules

The first_subtype_local_name of a pragma Controlled shall denote a non-derived access subtype.

Static Semantics

A pragma Controlled is a representation pragma that specifies the controlled aspect of representation.

Garbage collection is a process that automatically reclaims storage, or moves objects to a different address, while the objects still exist.

If a pragma Controlled is specified for an access type with a standard storage pool, then garbage collection is not performed for objects in that pool.

Implementation Permissions

An implementation need not support garbage collection, in which case, a pragma Controlled has no effect.

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