2.4.1 Decimal Literals

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A decimal_literal is a numeric_literal in the conventional decimal notation (that is, the base is ten).


decimal_literal ::= numeral [.numeral] [exponent]

numeral ::= digit {[underline] digit}

exponent ::= E [+] numeral | E - numeral

An exponent for an integer literal shall not have a minus sign.

Static Semantics

An underline character in a numeric_literal does not affect its meaning. The letter E of an exponent can be written either in lower case or in upper case, with the same meaning.

An exponent indicates the power of ten by which the value of the decimal_literal without the exponent is to be multiplied to obtain the value of the decimal_literal with the exponent.


Examples of decimal literals:

12        0      1E6    123_456  --''  integer literals''

12.0      0.0    0.456  3.14159_26  --''  real literals''

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