8.5.5 Generic Renaming Declarations

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A generic_renaming_declaration is used to rename a generic unit.


generic_renaming_declaration ::=
    generic package defining_program_unit_name renames generic_package_name;
  | generic procedure defining_program_unit_name renames generic_procedure_name;
  | generic function defining_program_unit_name renames generic_function_name;

Legality Rules

The renamed entity shall be a generic unit of the corresponding kind.

Static Semantics

A generic_renaming_declaration declares a new view of the renamed generic unit.


15  Although the properties of the new view are the same as those of the renamed view, the place where the generic_renaming_declaration occurs may affect the legality of subsequent renamings and instantiations that denote the generic_renaming_declaration, in particular if the renamed generic unit is a library unit (see 10.1.1).


Example of renaming a generic unit:

generic package Enum_IO renames Ada.Text_IO.Enumeration_IO;  -- see A.10.10

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