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PowerAda® is the leading integrated development environment for developing, testing, integrating, and maintaining complex Ada applications. Applications compiled with PowerAda run up to twice as fast as those using other compilers. The exact speed varies, depending on the application and the compi

PowerAda scales well from small to large projects, even those involving hundreds of users. It has been field-proven on many large-scale projects, including US and UK Air Traffic Control systems and complex distributed simulation programs.

PowerAda contains a compiler, debugger, visual source browser, interface to popular configuration management tools, and other tools to support easy build management.

Key features of PowerAda

  • Runs on Red Hat Linux in addition to AIX.
  • Includes interactive source and object class browsers, browsing editor, cross-referencer, unit graphing tools, and is fully integrated with multi-language source debugger.
  • Features GUI and command line for ease of data entry and manipulation.
  • Supports parallel development by multiple users in a simple manner.
  • Features automatic program and project build capabilities.
  • Directly supports four third-party configuration management tools (CMVC, CVS, Razor and Clearcase), and may be easily customized to support any other CM system.
  • Supports iterative development and multiple version control through its library structure.
  • Includes ASIS, an ISO-standard library for building program analysis tools.
  • Maps Ada tasks to threads; the source level debugger is thread-aware; POSIX and X-11 bindings are included.
  • Tuned specifically for Power PC and Pentium computers.
  • ACVC 2.1 validated for AIX. Additionally, OC Systems supports the Ada 95 standard's Specialized Needs Annexes C (Systems Programming), D (Real-Time Systems) and G (Numerics).

OC Systems also offers LegacyAda/390 for OS/390 Ada 83 development. LegacyAda/390 includes a validated Ada 83 compiler and a powerful toolset that is currently supporting complex projects in a number of countries.

PowerAda is fully supported by OC Systems' comprehensive customer care program. The experienced support experts at OC Systems respond quickly to customer questions and concerns and will work in partnership with you to regain full productivity.