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To make the most effective use of the sensorpoints in the new Wind River Management Suite, take advantage of our Sensorpoint SureStart program.

Our experienced consultants work with your team to define the sensorpoints you need for your device application, and then deliver, install and test them. As part of the process, your engineers will be trained in the proper way to build and use sensorpoints.

The Sensorpoint SureStart program takes approximately three months to implement and complete. We start by spending a week on-site with your engineering team to build a project plan. Before we arrive, you should have the Wind River Management Suite installed and assign at least one engineer to work full-time with sensorpoints.

Our project plan includes defined milestones, sensorpoint specifications, working practices, a training plan, and a schedule. The consultants bring a set of pre-defined sensorpoints to your facility. They install the sensorpoints on your platform and provide initial training to your engineers in how to use and modify them.

Our consultants then return to our office and begin to develop the additional sensorpoints you need for your embedded system—memory analysis sensorpoints, resource contention sensorpoints, response time sensorpoints—whatever is needed for your application.

When the sensorpoints are ready, our consultants come on-site to install the new sensorpoints and make sure they are functioning properly.

They then provide support as needed to your engineers, fine-tuning the sensorpoints and addressing any problems that may occur.

Sensorpoint SureStart programs are available for a fixed price. A typical engagement for an embedded application with a million lines of code would be about $150,000.

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