A.4.6 String-Handling Sets and Mappings

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The language-defined package Strings.Maps.Constants declares Character_Set and Character_Mapping constants corresponding to classification and conversion functions in package Characters.Handling.

Static Semantics

The library package Strings.Maps.Constants has the following declaration:

package Ada.Strings.Maps.Constants is
    pragma Preelaborate(Constants);

    Control_Set           : constant Character_Set; 
    Graphic_Set           : constant Character_Set; 
    Letter_Set            : constant Character_Set; 
    Lower_Set             : constant Character_Set; 
    Upper_Set             : constant Character_Set; 
    Basic_Set             : constant Character_Set; 
    Decimal_Digit_Set     : constant Character_Set; 
    Hexadecimal_Digit_Set : constant Character_Set; 
    Alphanumeric_Set      : constant Character_Set; 
    Special_Set           : constant Character_Set; 
    ISO_646_Set           : constant Character_Set;

    Lower_Case_Map        : constant Character_Mapping; 
        --Maps to lower case for letters, else identity 
    Upper_Case_Map        : constant Character_Mapping; 
        --Maps to upper case for letters, else identity 
    Basic_Map             : constant Character_Mapping; 
        --Maps to basic letter for letters, else identity

    ... -- not specified by the language
end Ada.Strings.Maps.Constants;

Each of these constants represents a correspondingly named set of characters or character mapping in Characters.Handling (see A.3.2).

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