A.4.7 Wide_String Handling

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Facilities for handling strings of Wide_Character elements are found in the packages Strings.Wide_Maps, Strings.Wide_Fixed, Strings.Wide_Bounded, Strings.Wide_Unbounded, and Strings.Wide_Maps.Wide_Constants. They provide the same string-handling operations as the corresponding packages for strings of Character elements.

Static Semantics

The package Strings.Wide_Maps has the following declaration.

package Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps is 
    pragma Preelaborate(Wide_Maps);

    -- Representation for a set of Wide_Character values: 
    type Wide_Character_Set is private;

    Null_Set : constant Wide_Character_Set;

    type Wide_Character_Range is
            Low  : Wide_Character;
            High : Wide_Character;
        end record;
    -- Represents Wide_Character range Low..High

    type Wide_Character_Ranges is array (Positive range <>)
        of Wide_Character_Range;

    function To_Set    (Ranges in Wide_Character_Ranges)
        return Wide_Character_Set;

    function To_Set    (Span   in Wide_Character_Range)
        return Wide_Character_Set;

    function To_Ranges (Set    in Wide_Character_Set)
        return Wide_Character_Ranges;

    function "="   (Left, Right in Wide_Character_Set) return Boolean;

    function "not" (Right in Wide_Character_Set)
        return Wide_Character_Set; 
    function "and" (Left, Right in Wide_Character_Set)
        return Wide_Character_Set;
    function "or"  (Left, Right in Wide_Character_Set)
        return Wide_Character_Set; 
    function "xor" (Left, Right in Wide_Character_Set)
        return Wide_Character_Set; 
    function "-"   (Left, Right in Wide_Character_Set)
        return Wide_Character_Set;

    function Is_In (Element in Wide_Character; 
                    Set     in Wide_Character_Set)
        return Boolean;

    function Is_Subset (Elements in Wide_Character_Set; 
                        Set      in Wide_Character_Set)
        return Boolean;

    function "<=" (Left  in Wide_Character_Set; 
                   Right in Wide_Character_Set)
        return Boolean renames Is_Subset;

    -- Alternative representation for a set of Wide_Character values: 
    subtype Wide_Character_Sequence is Wide_String;

    function To_Set (Sequence  in Wide_Character_Sequence)
        return Wide_Character_Set;

    function To_Set (Singleton in Wide_Character)
        return Wide_Character_Set;

    function To_Sequence (Set  in Wide_Character_Set)
        return Wide_Character_Sequence;

    -- Representation for a Wide_Character to Wide_Character mapping:  
    type Wide_Character_Mapping is private;

    function Value (Map     in Wide_Character_Mapping; 
                    Element in Wide_Character)
        return Wide_Character;

    Identity : constant Wide_Character_Mapping;

    function To_Mapping (From, To in Wide_Character_Sequence) 
        return Wide_Character_Mapping;

    function To_Domain (Map in Wide_Character_Mapping)
        return Wide_Character_Sequence;

    function To_Range  (Map in Wide_Character_Mapping)
        return Wide_Character_Sequence;

    type Wide_Character_Mapping_Function is 
        access function (From in Wide_Character) return Wide_Character;

    ... -- not specified by the language
end Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps;

The context clause for each of the packages Strings.Wide_Fixed, Strings.Wide_Bounded, and Strings.Wide_Unbounded identifies Strings.Wide_Maps instead of Strings.Maps.

For each of the packages Strings.Fixed, Strings.Bounded, Strings.Unbounded, and Strings.Maps.Constants the corresponding wide string package has the same contents except that

  • Wide_Space replaces Space
  • Wide_Character replaces Character
  • Wide_String replaces String
  • Wide_Character_Set replaces Character_Set
  • Wide_Character_Mapping replaces Character_Mapping
  • Wide_Character_Mapping_Function replaces Character_Mapping_Function
  • Wide_Maps replaces Maps
  • Bounded_Wide_String replaces Bounded_String
  • Null_Bounded_Wide_String replaces Null_Bounded_String
  • To_Bounded_Wide_String replaces To_Bounded_String
  • To_Wide_String replaces To_String
  • Unbounded_Wide_String replaces Unbounded_String
  • Null_Unbounded_Wide_String replaces Null_Unbounded_String
  • Wide_String_Access replaces String_Access
  • To_Unbounded_Wide_String replaces To_Unbounded_String

The following additional declaration is present in Strings.Wide_Maps.Wide_Constants:

Character_Set : constant Wide_Maps.Wide_Character_Set; 
-- Contains each Wide_Character value WC 
-- such that Characters.Is_Character(WC) is True


12  If a null Wide_Character_Mapping_Function is passed to any of the Wide_String handling subprograms, Constraint_Error is propagated.

13  Each Wide_Character_Set constant in the package Strings.Wide_Maps.Wide_Constants contains no values outside the Character portion of Wide_Character. Similarly, each Wide_Character_Mapping constant in this package is the identity mapping when applied to any element outside the Character portion of Wide_Character.

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