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Make more effective use of the sensorpoint technology in the new Wind River Management Suite when you work with OC Systems' expert consulting team.

Sensorpoint instrumentation provides the Wind River Management Suite with more powerful diagnostic capabilities, speeding problem resolution in device software.

In Wind River Field Diagnostics, field service engineers and development engineers use sensorpoints to reduce mean-time-to-repair for remote device applications.
In Wind River Workbench Diagnostics, design engineers use sensorpoints to dynamically instrument device software to rapidly isolate, diagnose and correct software defects in running systems.

With sensorpoints, you gain visibility into an embedded application as it executes:

  • Dynamically patch any function on a running device.
  • Access local and global variables within the scope of the function.
  • Monitor, configure and control the execution.

For example, you can use sensorpoints for:

  • Fault injection - Sensorpoints can modify the program as well as monitor it. With sensorpoints, you can just modify the return codes or data of routines to execute paths that would not otherwise be taken.
  • Prototyping changes - Sensorpoints can include arbitrary C code. Try out your fix as a sensorpoint to make sure it works. Leave the sensorpoints in place until the next delivery and keep going.
  • Assertions - Sensorpoints can implement assertions. Add assertions to your application during trouble shooting and your application becomes self-checking.

Sensorpoint technology

No modifications are made to any application source code. The code does not have to be recompiled or rebuilt to include the instrumentation. Overhead is minimal; the logging framework is non-invasive, with a very small footprint.

Application-specific sensorpoint libraries

Sensorpoint libraries that are built into the Wind River Management Suite provide information about your system's vital signs.

But to take advantage of the full value of sensorpoint technology you'll want to build a library of custom sensorpoints for your embedded system.

OC Systems The Sensorpoint Experts

OC Systems, an approved Wind River partner, can help you develop and implement the sensorpoints you need. Read more about our sensorpoint services: