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alibrm - delete a sublibrary


alibrm [-hF] { -I | Sublibrary ... }


The alibrm command deletes an entire Ada sublibrary.


Requests help for the command. If specified, all other options and parameters (except possibly erroneous ones) are ignored.
Indicates that if Sublibrary already exists, the command should remove it without prompting you for verification.
If the -F option is not specified and the Sublibrary exists, you are prompted to confirm that you really want to perform the deletion. The prompt is:
Remove sublibrary Sublibrary?
The response is read from standard input. If you reply with "y", "ye", or "yes" in any case and with optional leading or trailing blanks, the copy proceeds. Any other response ends the deletion and leaves the target untouched.
Specifies that a list of sublibrary names will be read from standard input. When you use the alibrm command with the -I option, suppress prompting by also using the -F option.
If "--" is found in a line read from standard input, the remainder of the line is ignored.


Sublibrary . . .
Specifies one or more sublibraries to be removed. If a sublibrary is not in the current directory, specify its name as either a relative or absolute path name.



the alibrm program


Below is a list of the possible values returned by alibrm. Refer to Return Codes for Commands for details about the meaning of these return s.

0, 1, 3, 99


This must be defined and indicate the powerada/ada95 directory in the PowerAda installation.


See Problems and Questions at the beginning of this Appendix.