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OC Systems retains all ownership rights to the programs that comprise PowerAda® and their documentation. Use of PowerAda is governed by the license agreement accompanying your original media.

Only you and your employees and consultants who have agreed to the above restrictions and those of the accompanying license may use PowerAda.

You may not defeat or circumvent the license protection features built into the programs, if any.

Your right to copy PowerAda and this manual is limited by copyright law. Making copies, adaptations or compilation works (except copies of PowerAda for archival purposes or as a necessary part of using the programs) without prior written consent of OC Systems is prohibited.

OC Systems provides this publication "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.

Copyright (c)2006 OC Systems Incorporated.

PowerAda is a registered trademark of OC Systems, Inc.

IBM is a registered trademark, and AIX, AIXWindows, and RISC System/6000 are trademarks, of International Business Machines Corporation. Portions of IBM AIX documentation are excerpted in this document.

Motorola and PowerStack are trademarks of the Motorola Corporation.

Motif is a trademark of Open Software Foundation, Inc.

X Window System is a trademark of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

This book was written, illustrated and produced using FrameMaker, workstation publishing software and the fonts provided therewith.

Project Team: Vince Castellano, Oliver Cole, Ivan Cvar, Dick Efron, Tom Fleck, Vasya Gorshkov, Kevin Heatwole, Faez Kaiser, Paul Kohlbrenner, Steve North, and Andy Platt.