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This chapter describes the PowerAda debugger, adbg. It provides a point-and- click interface in which lines and objects are designated by selection in the Ada source text, and operations are performed by clicking on a button or an item in a menu.

If adbg is not being run in the XWindows environment, curses and command-line interfaces are available. They are described in Appendix F, "Debugger Command Reference". This chapter concentrates on using adbg in an XWindows environment.

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Break Dialog
The PowerAda Debugger
Preferences Dialog
Detach Dialog
.Skip Dialog
.Step Dialog
Trap Signal Dialog
Untrap Signal Dialog
Find Dialog
Load Dialog
Open Log Dialog
Setting Your Preferences
Question Dialog
Run: Command Line Arguments
Debug: Adbg Command Line Arguments
Script Dialog
Skip Dialog
Step Dialog
System Command Dialog
Trap Dialog
Breakpoint Status/Unbreak Dialog
Browse Units Window
Untrap Dialog
Error in Executable
Can't Extract Library Information
The Views Dialog
Create Log Dialog
Append Log Dialog
Invoke Procedure Dialog