PowerAda Implementation Details

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This chapter deals with advanced topics related to the PowerAda compiler facilities and its implementation of specific Ada language features. These topics include memory organization within an Ada program, tasking features, and special pragmas that the compiler supports.

For sections applying to topics discussed in the RM95, the appropriate chapter and section are noted in the heading.

Before reading this chapter, you should be familiar with the Ada language features that do not have counterparts in most other languages; for example, tasking, interrupts, representation clauses, and exceptions. You should read this chapter if have encountered or expect to encounter difficulties related to AIX or Linux features such as process scheduling, signals, or memory limits.

After reading this chapter, you should be able to write programs that take advantage of the PowerAda tasking and interrupt facilities. You should understand how PowerAda programs deal with operating-system and hardware issues such as memory layout, data representation, and exception checking, and be able to avoid problems with these issues in programs that you write.