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aprojhide - mark a file or unit as "hidden" within a project.


aprojhide [-hFIv] [-L sublib] [-u|-f] [-r | -m dest] [names...]


aprojhide is used to mark a file or compilation unit as "hidden" at its current position in a project. This is a somewhat obscure concept, but is important when deleting or changing the project-relative location of source files within a delta project. The motivation and practical use of this tool is described in Chapter 5, "Hide deleted files."

Powerada will now include files or units marked as hidden in its lists. However, the files and units are not deleted, and can be unhidden with the "-r" option.

The files that are hidden in a directory are listed with a '*' before the name by

aprojls -l [directory_name]

and are listed in a file called ".hidden" in that directory. similarly,

aprojls -l [directory/]adalib

will identify hidden units in a sublibrary.


Prints version and command line help information.
Forces the action without a prompt for confirmation.
Specifies that a list of file or unit names will be read from standard input. If the -f option is specified, the names are interpreted as file names. Otherwise the names are interpreted as compilation unit names.
Verbose output.
-L sublib
Specifies the sublibrary where the named unit is located (default is adalib).
Indicates that the names specified are compilation unit names (this is default case if neither -f nor -u is specified).
Indicates that the names specified are source file names, not compilation unit names. All units associated with each of the source file names will be hidden, as well as the file itself.
Restore the hidden file or unit.
-m dest
Move the file or unit to the specified destination directory or sublibrary.


Specifies the names of the compilation units or source files that will be used in the aprojhide operation.


$POWERADA/bin/aprojhide - the aprojhide program image.


This must be defined and indicate the powerada/ada95 directory in the PowerAda installation.
Names a baselines file identifying aliases for baseline projects.



See Problems and Questions at the beginning of this Appendix.