PowerAda Alternate Libraries

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PowerAda supports an alternate form of library for command-line based development. This older style of library, library list files, is provided for compatibility with older versions of PowerAda and LegacyAda. Library list files are text files that contain the names of sublibraries. The sublibraries are listed one per line, interspersed with blank lines or comments. Every required sublibrary must be listed in the library list file, except for the system sublibrary. The first sublibrary in the library list file is the working sublibrary. This is the only sublibrary into which the compiler writes and the compiler must have write access to that sublibrary.

The format of each line in a library list file that defines a sublibrary is the UNIX file name of the sublibrary directory optionally preceded by blanks and followed by an optional Ada-style comment. The sublibrary base file names should contain only alphanumeric characters. Relative path names for sublibraries can be specified by using dot (.) and dot dot (..). The path is considered relative to the location where the compiler is invoked, not where the library list file resides. Environment variables (for example, $POWERADA) are expanded in sublibrary names, however special shell symbols containing tilde (~) are not expanded.