PowerAda Introduction

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ClearCase (from Rational Software) differs from most other Configuration Management (CM) toolsets in that it provides an environment within which other tools such as compilers and editors run. Most CM toolsets are 'repository-based', in that files under CM control are inserted into and extracted from a central database. ClearCase is implemented with a repository, but users work within a Multi-Versioned File System (MVFS) where their local environment appears to contain all the files for their project. Checking files out and in has the effect of changing the mode of the files in the MVFS to read-write and read-only (respectively).

This document describes a recommended set of procedures for running PowerAda within a ClearCase environment. Some concepts are expressed in a simplified form and discussion of many ClearCase features has been omitted.

Familiarity with PowerAda concepts is a prerequisite for understanding this document. No ClearCase knowledge is required, but ClearCase documents will be referred to.