PowerAda GUI Customization

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PowerAda's fonts and colors may be customized to suit individual tastes. This is done with X resources, using the files $HOME/Powerada and $HOME/Adbg. The PowerAda distribution contains two sample resource files that can be adapted; these are in $POWERADA/tools/lib/app-defaults. Powerada and adbg must be restarted for your Resource changes to take effect.

You can also modify XEmacs' fonts and colors. This can be done interactively using the Edit Faces button (under the Options menu). This puts up a list of the currently defined faces; middle clicking on any face's value (for instance, the foreground color or font name) allows you to change that value. You can also use MB3 to pop up a menu that allows other face settings, such as bold and italic, to be set.

XEmacs can also be customized with elisp (placed in $HOME/.emacs) or with X resources. The Sample .emacs and Sample .xdefaults buttons in XEmacs' Help menu contain good examples, as does