PowerAda Unit Reports Dialog

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The Unit Reports dialog contains three main fields:

  • Report Type: Controls the type of report which is generated. For a description of report types, see "areport" in APPENDIX E, "Tools Reference".
  • Reference Library: A report must take place in a library, which is specified with this field. The Find button presents a list of all sublibraries in the working project. For more information on libraries and sublibraries, see CHAPTER 3, "Basic PowerAda Concepts".
  • Base Units: The units on which the report is performed. These are specified by selecting units in a unit view before clicking the Unit Reports menu item.

Pressing Start will start the report generation, which is performed in the background so that powerada may still be used. Any number of reports may be generated at once.

When the report is complete, a dialog will appear stating so. Pressing OK in this dialog will open a unit view containing the results of the report.