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While powerada provides an excellent interactive interface, there is generally a practical requirement to build everything in an automated fashion for baselining, delivery, and testing. Here is a model that has worked well in practice.

  • Identify where PowerAda will be installed and where development will be done.
  • Customize PowerAda for your development environment.
  • Choose a configuration management (CM) tool, install it, and integrate it with PowerAda.
  • Organize existing software and other files into a PowerAda project.
  • Create initial configuration files (adalib.imports and adalib.files).
  • Install the software and configuration files into your CM system.
  • Define an automated build process in which all or part of the software is extracted from the CM system and built into a baseline project using a customized shell script.
  • Users develop relative to the baseline that best meets their needs.
  • Identify the target environment in which testing and integration will occur (which is initially the same as the development environment.)
  • Define the process whereby users can use Aprobe and Adbg to debug and test in the target environment.