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The PowerAda compilation system consists of many tools. See Appendix E, "Tools Reference" for a "man page" on each tool. The major tools in addition to the compiler itself (ada) are powerada, and adbg; significant parts of the user guide are devoted to each. These are described briefly in the following sections.


powerada opens a Motif window and begins an interactive session where Ada programs can developed, compiled, debugged, and analyzed. This is intended to be the primary interface through which Ada programs are developed in PowerAda, and is described in Chapter 4, "The PowerAda Development Environment".


adbg is the source-level debugger for PowerAda. When invoked it opens an executable program, an Ada library and a Motif window, and begins an interactive session where the Ada program can be debugged at the Ada source level. The debugger may also be run in an non-X Windows environment or even in batch mode. Adbg is described in Chapter 6, "The PowerAda Debugger: adbg" as well as Appendix F, "Debugger Command Reference".