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alibcompress - merge delta sublibraries in a sublibrary


alibcompress [-hv] [F|W] [Sublibrary]


Use the alibcompress command to eliminate each delta sublibrary in the specified sublibrary, reducing the amount of space occupied by the sublibrary and speeding up compile and bind operations which reference the sublibrary.

This operation is automatically done to all sublibraries in a project when converting it to a baseline project using aprojbaseline or powerada.

Exclusive write access is required to the sublibrary in order to perform this operation.


Help: display brief usage and version information.
Verbose: display progress messages
Force: ignore read-locks on the sublibrary (default: fail).
Wait to get write-lock on the sublibrary( default: fail)
The -F and -W options are mutually exclusive.


Specifies the name of a PowerAda sublibrary (default: adalib)


$POWERADA/bin/alibcompress - the alibcompress program


Below is a list of the possible values returned by alibcompress. The meaning of these is described in Return Codes for Commands.

0, 1, 2, 3, 17, 98, 99


This must be defined and indicate the powerada/ada95 directory in the PowerAda installation.


$ # see if there are any delta sublibraries:
$ alibchk adalib
adalib: 1 delta sublibrary.
adalib: Okay
$ # eliminate delta sublibrary
fred:tjf 1657> alibcompress -v adalib
Attempting delta merge on: /user1/tjf/pa3/test/adaproj/specs/adalib
Merge from: /user1/tjf/pa3/test/adaproj/specs/adalib/delta_1
      into: /user1/tjf/pa3/test/adaproj/specs/adalib
 merging lib/phil
 merging lib/my_flt_io
 merging lib/biological_simulation
 merging lib/chop
 merging lib/my_int_io
 merging lib/vt100
 merging lib/random
 merging lib/room
 merging lib/windows
 merging pending/lib/biological_simulation
 merging pending/lib/my_flt_io
 merging pending/lib/phil
 merging pending/lib/vt100
 merging sec/my_flt_io
 merging sec/my_int_io
 Merge complete, removing /user1/tjf/pa3/test/adaproj/specs/adalib/delta_1
/user1/tjf/pa3/test/adaproj/specs/adalib/delta_1 removed


See Problems and Questions at the beginning of this Appendix.