PowerAda System Requirements

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PowerAda runs on computers with a PowerPC, POWER, POWER2, or Intel architecture CPU. These currently include single-processor and SMP configurations of the Motorola PowerStack, IBM Risc/System 6000 and SP/2 supercomputers, and single-processor and SMP Intel-based machines.

The system on which PowerAda executes must be running AIX 4.1.5 or higher, or Red Hat Linux version 7.1 or higher. Due to the complex way in which updates may be applied to AIX, and the different commands available in different versions, you should confirm your version of AIX with your System Manager.

The tools which include a Graphical User Interface (GUI), powerada, adbg, and xemacs require X windows release X11R5, and Motif version 1.2. These tools require the following shared libraries, (usually in /usr/lib):

   libc.a    libXt.a    libXm.a    libX11.a

On AIX, the X libraries are part of the AIXwindows Optional Program Product, which is generally installed under /usr/lpp/X11.

The PowerAda distribution occupies about 280 megabytes on disk. About a quarter of this is public-domain software such as xemacs. By far the largest executables in PowerAda are powerada, adbg and the other library-based tools, since they share much of the code that is part of the compiler. At runtime, the resources used by these tools are about the same as those used by the compiler. As always, the more memory your machine has, the better performance you will see.